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Better Bistro Media is an Georgia SEO Agency offering a wide range of digital marketing services. We build and implement online strategies that advance businesses and boost bottom-lines. We can handle everything from building a SEO-responsive website from the ground up, to managing your SEO campaigns. Our process is methodical, adaptive, and tireless. 

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What Makes Better Bistro Media Better At SEO?

We understand that driving new revenue and obtaining customers is a difficult task. Whether you are a restaurantrooferplumber, dentist, real estate agent or HVAC company, we have seen it all. Whenever potential customers are need of something, the first tool they utilize is Google. Your business should be at the top of their mind and on the first page of a Google Search result. Every business should view their website and their digital presence online as an asset, because if it is properly developed you will have had created a completely free resource that is generating your business new leads and customers everyday. 

When you work with Better Bistro Media we make sure to put your business in front of the correct audience, which are the customers who are seeking out the the problems your business has solutions to. We are experts in SEO for websites, so if you are tired of not obtaining or getting the proper exposure your business desires, work with us at Better Bistro Media!

Better Bistro Media Features

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As a digital marketing agency we recognize that it takes more than just ranking your website on Google. We look at the big picture. Generating traffic is imperative for your business but converting that traffic is even more crucial. We will ensure that we implement a full service search engine marketing plan which may include a new design to your website to drive ultra targeted traffic to your website. This ultra targeted traffic is most likely to fill out your contact forms and give your business a call. Most digital marketing agencies offer an “all in one solution” to most clients when we at Better Bistro Media understand that your business is unique. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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Why Choose Us For Your Digital Marketing Needs?

Since our inception, we have consistently delivered best in class marketing strategies that have helped our clients increase their search engine rankings, build brand messages, and outshine the competition. Our mission is to be the number one choice for businesses in need of a dedicated digital marketing agency.

Customer and Results driven Strategies

We create and implement strategies that drive results, using a purposeful blend of marketing magic, innovation, imagination, storytelling, and design.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

We have dedicated and experienced data, design, and development geeks who are ready to take your business and digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in a range of Internet marketing services, including SEO, pay per click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, web design, and much more.

Our Digital Marketing Services


No matter how dynamic or attractive your website is, it serves no purpose if you cannot be found or are buried under your competitors in search results. We ensure you are ranked in the top of your local market in search results and are on the first page with rigorous keyword research, on and off page optimization, and content creation to achieve high rankings on the search engine.

Your website gives your business creditability and without a visibly appealing, responsive, mobile and SEO friendly website, you are probably not converting nearly as much as you should be, which is leaving sales, leads, and new customers out of your business.

Our PPC provides you that much-needed boost on the search engine results pages. With our brilliant strategy and persuasive advertising, you’ll get those coveted clicks from your target audience.

We understand things don’t always go as planned when providing a service. In a world where reviews are so easily accessible, it is imperative that your business has an outstanding reputation online. We manage and address all feedback from customers on various reviews sites whether that be Yelp, Facebook, Google, or TripAdvisor to name a few, so that your business has the reputation it deserves and you can swing the pendulum in your favor!

Many businesses don’t properly utilize their social media for what it is best for: consumer interaction. At Better Bistro Media we do not simply manage your social media but leverage it to attract new customers, increase sales, and increase the frequency of your loyal customers through creative content and innovative campaigns.


Most frequent questions and answers

Digital marketing is any marketing activity that’s online or web-based, and that includes SEO, social media marketing, and web design. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, involves direct mail, print, TV, and radio which is becoming obsolete

Yes. People use search engines like Google to look for the products and services they need, and you want them to see you first when doing their search. SEO can help you do just that. And even if your website already ranks well, you still need SEO because the search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

Yes. We have all the expertise you need in one house—SEO specialists, social media strategists, web designers, dedicated writers, and more. We provide a scalable level of support to your team, and you won’t have to hire an in-house unit to achieve what you desire. When working with us, you only pay for the time and services you need for the results you want.

There are several factors that go into play when determining the cost of SEO. Some of these factors include:

  • The industry you want to compete in
  • The size and quality of your website
  • Previous SEO done to your website
  • Any existing penalties on your website

Depending on some of these factors will determine how much SEO will cost for your business.

No digital marketing agency or consultant can guarantee specific results like first page rankings. So much depends on implementation on the client’s end, ever-changing search engine algorithms, and numerous other factors beyond anyone’s control.

We work with both small and large businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant looking for help with bad reviews or a small plumbing company looking to get more customers, we will work with you.

The main difference between SEO and Google PPC is how you acquire traffic. Traffic coming from SEO is organic and free while the traffic generated from Google PPC is not free, as indicated by the name, as you will pay a cost every time a user clicks on your ad.

SEO is more time intensive and requires more working hours in order to achieve desired results as your placement on the search engines is more permanent than paid ads. Conversely, Google PPC has faster placement on first page rankings skipping the SEO competition, but only generates you traffic while the PPC campaign is running. The better approach that we utilize here at Better Bistro Media is to combine both techniques if your budget allows, to increase your visibility online.

This is dependent upon how many keywords you want to target and how competitive those keywords are to rank for. Generally, it takes between 6-12 months for a website to reap the benefits of a proper SEO campaign which is why so much works goes into analyzing your competitors and doing proper keyword research for your business. Sometimes it is best to focus on 2-3 keywords or keyword phrases rather than a large pool of keywords that do not give you the desired results. Think of SEO as a process not an event.

It is highly recommended that you implement SEO during the creation of your website as it makes it easier to build a solid foundation than to fix the problems that may be already present. You don’t want Google to crawl and index a website that is not optimized for SEO. As it is also more time and labor intensive to fix existing SEO issues than to implement them at the beginning.

Here at Better Bistro Media, we only work with WordPress websites as that is our expertise and we have found it to be the best Content Management System (CMS) built for SEO. Don’t worry though, if you would like to work with us and don’t have a WordPress website we can easily transfer your website to WordPress.

Contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve higher online visibility, and to helping you take control of your digital marketing.

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