Finding a credible Atlanta SEO agency who will ensure your business is available to prospective customers at the top of search engines such as Google can be frustrating. With search engine algorithms constantly changing, many small businesses find it hard to keep up. That is why it is crucial that you hire a competent SEO agency like Better Bistro Media, because we have mastered the art of delivering a substantial amount of targeted traffic to a business’s website that will convert into customers.

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What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing and designing your website so that it is visible on search engines when your target audience is searching for services related to your business.

SEO ensures that your business does not merely appear in search results but on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). As you will realize, optimizing your business’s website to be on the first page of search engine results is an investment that lasts a life-time.  

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO in Atlanta

Countless businesses in Atlanta have been battling with the dilemma of whether they need SEO or not. The truth is, if you hope to reach a wider customer base through an online channel, omitting SEO would be irresponsible as it is predicted that most businesses will be spending close to $80B on SEO services by 2020.

Here are just a few reasons why your business cannot thrive without a solid Atlanta SEO Strategy:

Why Your Business Needs SEO in Atlanta

Our Atlanta SEO Process at Better Bistro Media

SEO is a process and does not happen overnight. Better Bistro Media has worked over the years to design an Atlanta SEO process that is result-oriented and highly effective. 

Below is the step by step process that we employ to enable millions of businesses like yours to succeed online:

Better Bistro Media Atlanta SEO Process
Atlanta SEO Pie Chart

Comprehensive SEO Analysis of Your Web Site (Technical SEO)

The whole aspect of SEO is dependent upon on search engine algorithms which rely on more than just optimized content or on-page SEO. Before you consider adding content that is relevant in answering the problems your target audience has; search engines need to be able to crawl, index, and interpret your site without any problems. This is the first phase of SEO which is called Technical SEO

Below is exactly what we do to ensure that your site can be seamlessly crawled and indexed by search engines as well optimizing your website to its peak performance, so that users have the best experience when they visit your website.

Web Design

One major reason why a lot of businesses don’t have success with SEO despite their vehement efforts is that they ignore web design. You can create great content and build all the backlinks you want, but if your website is not designed to make it easy on the eye of users who visit your website, any other efforts you make will be futile. 

Better Bistro Media has invested heavily in putting together a team of experienced web developers who are knowledgeable about SEO and can design sites that are SEO friendly. We will help you create custom WordPress themes that are SEO-optimized and built for conversions. Do not let the design of your website negatively impact the traffic that is coming to your website. By working with us, we ensure that you have a website design that is not only optimized for SEO, but a website that keeps users coming back time and time again.

Site Organization

Apart from designing an SEO friendly website, we also use tools to determine user-friendliness. As we mentioned already, the longer users stay on your site, the more search engines recognize your content as being relevant and useful; thus, ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

So, how do you ensure users stay longer on your site? By organizing your site in a manner so that it is easy to navigate to different pages and access content internally on your website. This will ensure optimal user experience and force search engines to thoroughly index your pages as well as deem it credible and useful to users.

404 Errors and Broken Links

Another reason for poor user experience is due to broken links and 404 errors. A 404 error is a client-side error which occurs when a user tries to access a page that does not exist on the server. This happens when you either remove a page or moved it without updating the URL accordingly.

404 errors are usually caused by broken or dead links and can adversely harm your SEO. At Better Bistro Media, we use special tools such as Screaming Frog SEO to analyze your site for any broken links and fix them accordingly. This will ensure that users have a better experience on your site, stay longer, and significantly boost the number of returning visitors on your site. 

Site Speed

Google recently announced that page speed would be a major ranking factor, especially for the mobile version of websites. The longest majority of users wait for a site to load is four seconds. Anything more than that leads to dismal conversions. That is why we dedicate time to testing your site, to ensure that its loading speed is excellent. If your website is running slow, we have techniques in place that we employ such as upgrading your host, optimizing images, and installing a CDN to ensure that we reduce the loading time and increase the traffic to your website.

Mobile Optimization

The world is going mobile and so should your site. It has been revealed that 96% of users performing searches on mobile devices utilize Google. Since 2015 when Google released its mobile-friendly update, making your website mobile has been a huge ranking factor.  Additionally, more than 51% of smartphone users have discovered new companies, products, and services while using their smartphones. Upon further research, 48% of these users look for products and services through search engines instead of directly opening an app or going to company websites. 

This tells you just how much your site needs to be mobile optimized. We check to ensure that your site is ready for mobile users and if it is not, we optimize it accordingly.

Why You Need a Mobile Website in Atlanta

Create or Review Sitemap

Search engines like Google use sitemaps to effectively crawl and index your website. These are maps that give search engines a clear navigation of your website and a means to access, crawl, and index different pages. 

Our job will be to ensure that we effectively review and implement a sitemap on your website so that search engine crawlers can easily identify your pages without a problem.

on site security

Google and other search engines take website security very seriously. As incidents of security breaches such as websites being hacked escalates, search engines want to make sure that their users are protected at all costs by being referred them to secure websites. 

If there is any indication that your website may have a major security issue, it will be de-indexed from search results to ensure that user security needs are not put at risk. For example, if you use forms for subscription purposes, it is imperative that your site is secure so that you do not risk compromising or releasing personal information to hackers.

When analyzing your site for security, we check to see if it is SSL secure and if not, we will install those SSL certificates for you. We will also examine any security flaws and abruptly fix them before they negatively affect your SEO. 

SSL Secure Website

Google Tools

Google controls about 75% of the search engine market share and is only continuing to grow. That is why optimizing your site to be compliant with SEO standards is worthwhile. Our experts will check to see if your site has been submitted to Google Search Console. This is a tool by Google that is used to enable it to effectively index billions of websites on its search engine. By submitting your website to Google Search Console, we will ensure that it is thoroughly indexed so that it is visible on Google’s search engine result pages.

We will also use Google Analytics to monitor traffic and conversions on your website. This is important in determining whether the Atlanta SEO strategies we are putting in place are driving conversions and whether they need any modifications or improvements. 

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis for Atlanta SEO

SEO can be tricky because of what your competition is or isn’t doing. How high you rank on search engine results depends on how competitive your target niche is. 

One of our chief objectives when it comes to implementing your Atlanta SEO strategy is to ensure that you are not only using the right keywords, but also ones that are going to drive the most targeted traffic to your website. We will analyze your competition to see how well they rank for your target keyword to determine what benchmarks we will have to hit in order to rank for a particular keyword. We keep in mind the domain authority of your competitors and collect other pertinent information concerning them so that we can develop a concrete Atlanta SEO strategy that should enable you to compete favorably.

Keyword Research

The first thing we will do is identify the kinds of keywords your competitors are using and how well they rank for those keywords. We then dig further to find out the search volume that these keywords attract each month and decide whether they are worth targeting.

At the end of our keyword research process, we would have identified a list of keywords that are most relevant to your site. These will include keywords that are highly relevant to your business and yield a high search volume to bring more traffic to your website.

We will also use tools to identify latent semantic keywords (LSI). These are keywords that are closely related to your main keywords and help Google identify what your content is about and its relevance to users. This way, we will know exactly what keywords to target for your site. 

Keyword Research for Atlanta SEO

Content Research

Our experts will go through your competitor’s content to identify strong aspects that your site can emulate and improve upon, as well as the weaknesses that you can capitalize on to surpass competitors in search rankings.

We look at such things as content, structure, length, image quality and how informative or relevant they are. We will check the homepage, and other relevant pages such as the service page to see how well the content is optimized and presented. The aim here is to identify what your Atlanta competitors are doing right and where they are going wrong. 

We will then use our findings to come up with a highly effective Atlanta SEO content strategy for your Atlanta business. 

Technical SEO Research

As we mentioned earlier, many sites seem to ignore Technical SEO. This gives you an edge over your competition and a chance to rank better. However, we do not just assume that your competition is ignoring the technical aspects of SEO. 

That is why we do our research to see whether they are employing the strategies required for an effective technical SEO. We look at various factors such as mobile optimization, site security, navigation, among other aspects that your competitors are taking for granted that could give you a competitive edge. 

Link Research

A rich and high-quality link profile is a major ranking factor, especially with Google. One way to know where to get backlinks from is by finding out who is linking to your competition. We will analyze your competitor’s backlink profile and identify link opportunities that will help boost your website’s authority. 

Link Research for Atlanta SEO

Local SEO in Atlanta

Local SEO entails optimizing your site for your local audience whether it be in Atlanta or nationally. If you operate a local business in Atlanta such as a restaurant, dental company or real estate business, it makes more sense to target local customers opposed to a global audience. 

According to Google, 1/3 of all searches are location based. This means that a third of people use Google search for local information, products, or services. 

Going local with your SEO makes it easier to compete and ensures that you target the right customers for your business. Local customers need to know what your business is all about and how they can find you offline. Local SEO in Atlanta will help increase your sales by targeting those prospective customers in your local area.

Check Existing Listings for NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Consistency

Search Engines rank sites high on their results page that they believe are the most credible. As a business, you can ensure this credibility by making sure your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) are consistent across all of your listings. When search engines such as Google are retrieving your business information, you don’t want to have two different addresses or phone numbers in different listings. Not only does this confuse search engines but it may also hinder your relationship with potential customers as they may drive to your previous location if you did not ensure that your listings were consistent.

We have tools that we utilize to check your existing listings for NAP consistency. We ensure that critical information about your business is consistent. This is an SEO strategy that is often overlooked, but very crucial. NAP consistency does not confuse the search engines and makes your business seem credible and trustworthy therefore ranking highly on local searches like the Google Map Pack.

NAP Consistency

Add Your Business to Niche-Specific Listings

You want to expose your business on as many places as possible across the web. That is why at Better Bistro Media, we will help you add your business to niche-specific listings that are relevant to your business and services

This is a great way to build authority and relevance with search engines. This means that whenever people search for services or products related to yours, your business will rank higher because of the authority and relevance you have built by adding your business to as many of these relevant and niche-specific listings as possible.  

Optimize Your Google My Business

Better Bistro Media will optimize your Google My Business so that customers can easily find it, as it is by far the most relevant listing for local SEO on the internet. If your Google My Business is optimized in conjunction with having a high volume of consistent and relevant listings; your business may rank on Google’s Local 3-Pack which could increase the traffic to your website and also increase the amount of leads and sales your business acquires.

GMB Optimization Atlanta

Local Link Building

One way to build your website’s authority in your local area is by building a backlink profile that contains links from .org, .edu, and .gov sites. We will find local link opportunities for your business in Atlanta through community relations such as collaborating with non-profit organizations, press releases, and features on local media outlets. By obtaining these types of backlinks, you are signaling to search engines that your website is not only authoritative and relevant, but a highly sought-after brand in your local area. These factors will increase your search engine rankings in your local area. 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual pages on your website in order to rank higher and bring more relevant traffic to your website. By optimizing these individual pages, you are assisting search engines in understanding your web pages and content better. Businesses have targeted local keywords in their niche and have been able to achieve high rankings by solely focusing on perfecting their on-page SEO.

URL Structure

Search engines, as well as website users, love links that are simple, short and comprehensible. Google specifically uses links to understand what the content of your page is about. That is why link optimization is an important SEO practice.

Better Bistro Media will optimize your website’s URL links so that they are shorter, keyword rich and comprehendible to search engines.

Title Tags and Meta-descriptions

Title Tags are the clickable headline that most users will see on a search engine result page. Their purpose is to provide a short and accurate description of a page’s content and are crucial because they are what is displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs), web browsers, and social networks. It is important to consider the length of title tags so that they display on SERPs, front-loading your keyword without overusing it, and giving every page a unique title tag. By optimizing your title tag, you compel users to click on your web pages, which will inherently increase your click through rate which can result in higher rankings. At Better Bistro Media, we ensure that all your title tags are optimized for higher click through rates and conversions. 

This is the information shown below your title and link in search results. It is usually what users read before deciding whether they want to click on your link or not. Search engines also use this information to understand your content. By optimizing your meta-description to include conversion friendly phrases along with relevant keywords, will significantly boost your click-through rates and get you more traffic on your website. Having a higher click through rate is also a signal to search engines that users are prioritizing your website over others which can also boost your rankings as well.

Title Tag and Meta-Description Optimization

Keyword Placement

After doing keyword research and creating a final list of relevant keywords, we will help you populate your pages with those keywords in an efficient manner. We place the keywords in strategic positions on your website so that search engines can recognize them. Being credible SEO experts in Atlanta, we will take caution not to over-stuff your website with too many keywords and put you at risk of being penalized. 

ALT Text

Search engines like Google use images just as much as they use text to understand your content and decide whether they are relevant to user’s search queries. We will optimize your images with ALT text that contain the right keywords so that search engines can comprehend your content more efficiently.


Quality content is king when it comes to SEO, especially long-form content. To ensure that your content is SEO friendly, we will implement the following strategies:

Static Pages

Static pages are those pages on your site that hardly change. These include “About Us” and Services pages. Users utilize these pages to better understand what your business is all about. We will help your users fully familiarize with your business by writing these pages in a cohesive and clear manner. 


To make your business’s blog authoritative, we will write and curate long-form content that is populated with the right keywords so that you attract backlinks and drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website through your blog.

Link Structure

Throughout your website content, there are two kinds of links that help boost on-page SEO. These are internal and external links. 

External Links

External links are those originating from your pages to a different website, often to help users find more information that is not on your site. They are crucial for on-page SEO since they improve your site’s credibility if you link out to authoritative websites which can result in your content and web pages ranking higher. We will help eliminate any links external links that are of poor quality or from banned websites. 

Internal Links

Internal links are those that go to different pages on your website. An example would be a link on your “About” page that leads to your “Contact” page. Internal links help pass link juice to different parts of your website and enable it to be crawled and indexed more efficiently by search engines. We will create a clean and powerful internal linking structure that not only enables a better user experience for visitors of your website, but also allow search engines to prioritize and index particular pages throughout your entire website.

Off-Page SEO

While on-page SEO revolves around optimizing the content on your site for search engines. Off-page SEO are the actions you take off of your website to ensure the credibility, authority, and relevancy of your site to the search engines.


Backlinks are links coming from another website to yours. When other websites or people link to your content it usually means that it is of high quality and that you are authoritative and credible in your business niche. A rich and diverse backlink profile is the single most important ranking factor on search engines such as Google.  

Below are some of the strategies we will use to ensure that your website gets quality backlinks from authority sites:

Creating Engaging Content

Other websites are more willing to link to content that they believe is extensive, engaging, and unique. By helping you create highly informative and engaging content, we will give other sites a reason to link to your content so that it can give a boost to your backlink profile. Users will also be more than willing to share this type of content on social media, thereby increasing exposure, social share signals, link opportunities, traffic to your website, and higher conversions.

E-mail Outreach to Influencers and Bloggers

After creating great content, it is imprudent to sit back and wait for other sites to link to it. We will get the word out by creating an effective email outreach program asking bloggers and other influencers in your niche to link to your content. With our proven email outreach strategies, we will be able to significantly increase the number of backlinks and traffic to your site. 

Guest Blog Posts in Your Niche Industry

Guest posting is a highly effective off-page SEO strategy. Better Bistro Media will create engaging and extensive guest posts on industries and high authority websites specific to your business niche. We then use this opportunity to link back to your website which builds authority, relevancy, and credibility to search engines. 

Anatomy of a Backlink

SEO-Optimize Social Media

Social media creates invaluable opportunities for skyrocketing your off-page SEO efforts. Unknown to many business owners; businesses with a strong social media presence signal to search engines that you are a credible and recognizable brand, which could contribute in higher search engine rankings. Another reason to optimize your social media for SEO is that they can rank on search engine results pages which can give you an opportunity to not only rank your website on the first page of search engine results but your social media profiles as well.

Having a strong SEO-optimized social media profile also allows you another platform to share your content which could provide more linking opportunities and exposure to different audiences.

At Better Bistro Media, we will ensure to optimize your social media profiles so that not only do you increase your brand’s presence, but you dominate the search engine result pages.  

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

Creating a successful Atlanta SEO strategy takes a lot of effort and time. Dealing with the wrong SEO agency who employs Black Hat SEO techniques could cost you time and money.

Black Hat SEO techniques provide short-term success but in the long-term you are exposing your website to getting penalized by search engines which could mean having your website de-indexed from search results.

That is why it is important that you do extensive background research and settle with an SEO agency that employs White Hat SEO techniques. White Hat SEO techniques are natural and organic and do not expose your website to the risk of getting penalized and de-indexed by search engines such as Google.

Below are examples of Black and White Hat SEO techniques:

Black and White Hat SEO

Why Choose Better Bistro Media?

We are a credible and experienced Georgia SEO Agency and have positioned ourselves as one of the most trusted White Hat SEO Agencies in Atlanta. Our company has helped many businesses build lucrative online businesses using our proven SEO strategies and techniques. 

Here are a few reasons why you should trust us for your Atlanta SEO services:

• We use results-driven strategies 

• We work with a team of dedicated and experienced SEO experts in Atlanta 

• We provide a full range of digital marketing services such as web design, social media marketing, PPC, and reputation management to supplement your SEO efforts.

Don’t hesitate, call us today!

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