Better Bistro Media is a Macon SEO Agency. If you ended up on this webpage it’s probably because you saw our website ranked number one for search terms such as “Macon SEO”. That is the power of SEO, and that is what we can do for your business!

When users are searching for services that your business provides, does your business show up on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo? If not, you are losing out on a huge chunk of customers looking for your products or services. If you are looking to grow a successful business online whether you are a restaurantroofer, or plumber in Macon you need to invest in Macon SEO to help you stay on top of search engine result pages. One of the best ways to successfully achieve this is through implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We boast of a qualified team of experts that not only secures a spot on the first page of search engines but also creates optimized websites that generate qualified leads and improved revenues for our clients.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank on Search engine result pages for targeted keywords and phrases. This strategy involves tailoring your site to improve its ranking on the internet search engines.

Why Your Business Needs SEO in Macon

Most consumers in Macon, Georgia are moving to the internet to research products and services. Hence, as a business, you need to incorporate Macon SEO into your marketing strategies to tap into this growing market. While SEO will certainly help improve your website’s overall search-ability and visibility, there are other reasons why it is important for your business:

SEO Builds Credibility

According to various research studies, at least 80% of consumers skip the paid ads and focus on the organic search results. Whenever a company invests in SEO, it gets ranked high in the SERPS and consumers are more likely to be sold on your business thanks to its rank. Additionally, websites that are optimized for a high SERP ranking are usually packed with useful and relevant content which helps to drive sales further. This combination of an authoritative ranking and high-end content works wonders for your brand’s credibility.

The Rise of Mobile Usage by Consumers

Mobile search is the future. More and more consumers are using their smartphones to search the internet, so much that it is now outpacing traffic from conventional computers. Great SEO allows for great user experience on mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile usage search engines will punish your rankings.

Delivers a High ROI

No other form of online marketing delivers a return like SEO. Once you invest in SEO, you will receive organic traffic for FREE from ranking in the top positions on search engines because it is an Inbound Marketing Strategy. This means that you are not looking for customers, but customers are looking for YOU. However, you will not have success with SEO if you sign up with an inexperienced company or one that is simply outsourcing the work overseas and has no idea what a successful Macon SEO campaign consists of. When done by an expert SEO Agency like Better Bistro Media, search engine optimization can help your business deliver non-stop qualified organic traffic that converts. 

SEO Statistics for Macon

Our Macon SEO Process At Better Bistro Media

Macon SEO Process

Comprehensive SEO Analysis of Your Web Site (Technical SEO)

For a website to be properly SEO optimized, all other technical aspects need to be running effectively to enable search engines to recognize certain parts of the site or just the entire website which is called Technical SEO. We begin our Macon SEO process by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your website to review and analyze its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities from an SEO perspective. We provide you with actionable insights that you can take to close any gaps noted to get ahead of your competition. We then go forward to provide custom tailored- recommendations on how you can improve your performance and online presence.

Web Design For SEO

Your web design is a vital element that can affect your SEO ranking tremendously. Even if your website is properly optimized, if it has an out of date web design or is simply designed poorly, it will not rank high on search engines or convert. That is why our highly trained and qualified web developers strive to build a savvy site architecture with SEO in mind. We even help you develop custom WordPress themes that are SEO-optimized and built for conversions.

Site Organization

The one thing that humans and search engines have in common when it comes to reading websites is clear navigation. Clear navigation is crucial to your Macon SEO ranking as it makes it easy for consumers and search engines to find what they are looking for quickly. That is why they will spend time on websites whose pages and information are organized logically. At Better Bistro Media, we take the time to see if the client’s site is easy to navigate because that is what increases the user experience. Visitors will stay on your website longer and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index pages throughout the site, helping you to rank higher.

404 Errors and Broken Links

Any type of error or broken link is negative for your website and it’s performance on search engines. Broken links and 404 error pages create a terrible user experience, waste crawl budget and ultimately lower rankings. That is why we scrutinize your site for take-time to check for any errors and broken links.

Site Speed

Search engines such as Google’s ranking algorithm continually gets updated to help improve the user experience. Other than delivering accurate results that answer a user’s question, Google algorithms also factor in website speed into its ranking. A fast website delivers a superior user experience to its visitor. That is why Google ranks fast sites higher than the slower one. At Better Bistro Media, we make sure to check your website speed to see if it meets the below 2.5 seconds page load speeds.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile responsiveness is another crucial ranking factor. We check your website to see if it has a mobile-friendly layout. If not, search engines will punish your rankings as more users are going mobile.

Mobile Search Statistics

Review and Optimize Sitemap

Your sitemap is an essential part of any SEO strategy. It provides a way to create listings for web crawlers to index your site and send to search engines to improve your crawl rate. At Better Bistro Media we will create or optimize the sitemap you have at hand.

On-Site Security

Search engines wants its users to be safe when visiting various websites. That is why it gives preference to those that are secure. A site that contains malware is an extreme example of a weak, insecure website. Google will mark non-HTTPS sites as non-secure. A website with HTTPS means that it is protected with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. The SSL is a communication protocol that creates a secure connection between a visitor and a website. This way, it is able to protect the information entered by the client. This feature is especially useful for sites that collect user data.

Implementation of Google Tools

Google provides businesses looking to improve their SEO a selection of free tools that can really help pump up your SEO. That is why we always check websites to see if they have Google Search Console and Google Analytics as Google Search Console allows sites to be indexed on Google and Google Analytics allows you to monitor traffic and conversions on your website.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Still, most people tend to overlook it. Finding out who your competitors are and trying to figure out how they run their Macon SEO campaigns plays a major role in improving your business’s Macon SEO efforts by pointing out what your competitors are doing right, and where you need to improve. At Better Bistro Media, we know that competitive intelligence is critical, and information equals better results. That is why we research the competitors and their ranking on the search engines whether they are in Macon or in other surrounding areas so that we can develop an SEO strategy that best suits your business.

Keyword Research On Your Competitors

The first thing we do when conducting competitor analysis is to research the keywords your competitors are using that they are ranking for and those that are helping get the most traffic. We then use this information to figure out which keywords to target for your business.

Keyword Research for Macon SEO

Content Research

By now, you should know that websites with more content rank better. Evaluating your competitors content helps you establish their content hierarchy. Our highly experienced SEO team starts analyzes the type of content your competitors’ have, including their blogs, web pages, videos and even image quality to check for quality of content, length, how it is arranged and their overall tone. By doing this, we can find out what is working and what is not working for them to make better-informed decisions on the type of content you need to create for your business.

Technical Research

A well-developed website enhances how users interact with your site and its performance on search engines. That is why we conduct technical research on your competitors’ website to see if it is mobile optimized, secured, or easy to navigate. This way, we can figure out what gives them that competitive advantage, so that we can implement the same on your website.

Link Research

Finally, we research your competitors’ backlinks to find websites that are linked to your competitors’ website and not yours. We use this data to build a portfolio of sites that you can possibly get a backlink from or even create content for. Building new links to your website will go a long way in increasing your domain authority as well as your ranking.

Local SEO in Macon

Local SEO is important to businesses that rely on local or regional customers. It focuses on your website being found with ease in your local area and within the local 3 pack on Google, which is the listings Google shows on its Google Maps feature. According to various researches, nearly 1/3 of all searches on Google involves a location. That is why it is crucial to invest in local SEO in Macon.

Local SEO Statistics

Check Existing Listings for a NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Consistency

The first thing we do when trying to optimize your business for local SEO in Macon is to make sure all your existing listings are NAP consistent. Having a consistent NAP across all your listings shows Google and other search engines your business is authentic, which works towards improving your search rankings.

Adding Your Business To All The Relevant Local Listings and Directories To Increase Citations

A local citation is any reference made to your business that can be found online. Some great citations include BBB (Better Business Bureau), YelpYellowpages, or any other authoritative websites that provide an online directory to businesses in your industry. Our SEO experts add your business to all relevant local listings because the more citations you have, the more relevant you are in local searches to search engines.

Local Link Building

We start by sharing your business details with local business sites in Macon. Whenever you publish a local listing in these directory sites, you build valuable local links that can help boost your Macon SEO strategies. Also, try to have other businesses in your region link to your business. Being cited in local news sites and blogs can help you rank higher in local search engine results. We will find opportunities to build local links from news outlets and non- profit organizations to create .org, .edu, and .gov authority links.

Optimizing Your Google My Business

Google My Business is the biggest and most relevant listing with the most features for SEO. Hence, it is crucial that you claim your Google My Business page and optimize it to help you be found in local searches. In fact, Google itself encourages business to use Google My Business and create robust business profiles to improve their local ranking. This is because whenever someone searches for a local business, Google uses the information it has in its database of local businesses.

Local Macon SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual pages on a website to help you rank higher and attract more targeted and relevant traffic in search engines. It refers to both the HTML source code and content on a page that can be optimized. On-page SEO is the foundation upon which a successful Macon SEO campaign is made. It addresses various key elements like page titles, internal link structure, heading, content and content building.

URL Structure

The URL is a clear and concise text that describes pages both for users and search engines. Our main aim is to optimize your URL structure for SEO by making them as descriptive and as brief as possible. We also make sure to add a keyword that is targeted by the particular page to strengthen the relevancy of your page as well as improve your search rankings.


Search engines like Google award their customers based on how well their web pages are structured. Titles help to organize a website’s page content. Your content should include heading tags ranging from H1 to H6. H1 is the most important tag on any page. No page should have more than one H1. However, you can include multiple h2s and h3s as users scroll down the page. At Better Bistro Media, we make sure to optimize all your headings to make it easier for users to read and understand your content.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title Tag specifies the title of a particular web page on the search engine results page. Title tags play a key role in search engines being able to understand what a web page is about. Your title tag can make or break your Macon SEO campaign, as they are the first impression users have on your page. Not only are your title tags important for the search engine results page, but also web browsers and social networks as your title tag acts as a place holder on web browsers to help users not lose track of your content and when your content is shared on social networks the title tag is the first thing that is seen by users. We ensure that your keywords are implemented in your title tag for better results and ranking on the search engine results page.  

meta description is a summary of a web page that appears on search engine result pages. A meta description is critical to the ranking of your site as it is what search engines use to gauge what your page is all about so that it can send a more targeted audience to that page. A good meta description should contain your primary keyword (s) to help Google understand the content of your pages.

Title Tag and Meta-Description Optimization for Macon SEO

Keyword Placement

Keywords or keyword phrases are one of the most important aspects of SEO optimization. The strategic core of any SEO strategy is to use keywords to drive traffic, ranking, and conversion. Our qualified SEO specialists start by looking for a relevant keyword. Once they have identified them, the next step is to figure out where to strategically place them on your site. Keyword placement is adding keywords naturally to critical areas on your content and pages. When it comes to placement, we understand that there are certain places on your website that are more optimal for keyword placement than others for on-page SEO. However, you also need to ensure you practice proper keyword placement to help search engines to recognize them. They include URLs, Titles, Descriptions, Image Titles and ALT Text, Headings, and content.

Alt Text

Images provide one of the best ways to present your information as well as keep visitors longer on your site. If you use Images on your website, it is crucial that you think of the right keywords for both the image and Alternative Text. This way, Google can find and rank your images’ search results based on these keywords. We make sure to optimize your images ALT texts with all the right keywords.


You’ve probably heard the phrase; content is king. However, there is so much more to content marketing than just content. That is why we take the time to publish content that will not only drive traffic and grow your business but one that will also establish credibility and authority in your niche. The content on your web pages is another important factor that can affect the ranking of your website. Google tracks user metrics like bounce rate and time to determine if the visitors love the content on a page.

As professionals, we not only optimize our headers, meta descriptions and titles as we know that while they will improve your ranking, the improvement will be short-lived. That is why we strive to create on-page content that provides value to your website visitors. We also make sure the content is concise, has an appealing layout with the help of using rich media (graphics, videos, etc.) to improve visitor engagement. This, in turn, results in ranking improvement that has greater staying power.

– Static Pages
Static pages are a website’s HTML pages that are stored on a server. Hence, anytime a user accesses the site, they see the same static pages such as the About us page and the service pages. Our highly trained team of SEO experts will make sure to optimize these pages and make them extensive to give their users the best experience.

– Blog
Blogs help boost a websites SEO quality by positioning it as a relevant and knowledgeable answer to questions pertinent to their industry. We use a variety of on-page SEO tactics to optimize your blogs and make their posts extensive so that you seem like the authority in your niche to search engines.

Link Structure

An organized link structure makes it easier for search engines to move from one page of your website to another without hitting any crossing paths or roadblocks. It also makes for more efficient user navigation. For best results, in terms of SEO optimization, we make sure to add primary keywords to these keywords so that they reflect the pages they point to making them more likely to be clicked by users. There are two different types of links when it comes to on- page SEO:

– External Links: External links link out to external websites. We make sure to link to websites whose content is relevant to the information you post on your website. We also make sure to link to trusted sites like Wikipedia, Google, and your niche’s industry leaders. By linking to other trusted and authoritative sites, you increase the trustworthiness of your website, which is good for SEO.

– Internal Links: Internal links are used for linking pages within your website. These links are crucial to your website ranking as they keep users engaged for longer. We make your site more navigation friendly by creating a clean internal linking process.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the optimization of elements that are not related to the web page itself. This technique helps to increase your website’s domain authority, which is a measure of website credibility and ability to rank well. Unlike on-page SEO which aims to help search engines to understand the content of its web pages, off-page SEO helps to increase the authority of your website.

Backlink Acquisition

Backlinks are at the heart of search engine’s ranking algorithm. Google likens backlinks from one website to another which means the more referrals your website receives, the more Google will deem it as relevant, which subsequently will help you rank high. At Better Bistro Media, we make sure to use the best SEO practices to ensure your backlinks are not marked as spam. Instead of focusing on the number backlinks, we pay more attention to the quality of backlinks from trusted, authoritative websites. We achieve this by:

-Creating engaging content
Creating quality content that other websites may like to reference or even share with their site visitors is a great link-building tactic. At Better Bistro Media, we take the time to create engaging content including original research and data, viral videos and infographics which other websites will want to link to your site and others will want to share on social media. By doing this, we are creating more opportunities to form and generate traffic to your website.

E-mail outreach to influencers and bloggers
We will create high-quality content for you that is share-worthy and try to reach out to influencers and bloggers in your niche to ask them to check out your content and link back to your blogs. This will enable us to increase link building opportunities and traffic to your website

– Guest blog posts in your niche industry
Guest blogging is probably one of the best and most effective ways of generating quality inbound links to your site. And while this tactic requires more content creation you’re your side, it delivers long-lasting and powerful results. We will create content as a guest on other niche specific sites which will create links that point back to your website, building authority, relevancy, and creditability to search engines.

SEO-optimized social media

Search engines are increasingly using social cues to identify authoritative content and websites. Unfortunately, businesses still don’t know their social media profiles impact not only their off-page SEO but local search results as well. At Better Bistro Media, we optimize your social media profiles by using the links on these profiles to point visitors to your site. We also put your NAP on them as well to improve your Local SEO in Macon.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy of tactic and foresight. You need to be able to respond to the needs of savvy internet customers, which makes it crucial for a business to have a firm grip on who wants what, where, and why. Partnering with a Macon SEO agency can help boost your search engine ranking, which is crucial as it will help get you in front of a relevant audience. Still, you need to make sure that you are working with the right Macon SEO agency.

Choosing the right Macon SEO Agency to work with can make or break your business. That said, your goal should be to get a reliable, local marketing agency that will help your business gain visibility online and spread the necessary words about your products or services to the right people and on the right platforms. Here are two main factors to consider when choosing the right Macon SEO agency:

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

When choosing an SEO agency to work with, you need to make sure they work to boost SEO in the right and ethical way using white hat SEO tactics.

Why Choose Better Bistro Media as Your Macon SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex endeavor. If you are looking for results, you need to employ the services of Better Bistro Media. We are a premiere Georgia SEO Agency that offers an extensive range of Macon SEO services that aims at meeting all the SEO requirements of your business website ethically. By leveraging our proprietary technology and data analytics, we can match patterns and determine the best SEO and marketing strategies and actions we can implement to increase your chances of succeeding.

Our team is made up of a group of highly motivated and creative thinkers whose primary focus is to not only grow your website’s traffic and ranking but drive qualified leads and sale as well. Contact us today to see how we can improve your company’s SEO to get more online visitors and ultimately higher profits for your business.

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