Better Bistro Media is an Augusta SEO Agency. If you landed on this page, you understand the power behind SEO, as we rank atop of the search engines for terms such as “SEO Augusta GA” and “Augusta SEO”. Imagine what we can do for your business!

Many businesses and brands know that SEO will undoubtedly improve a website’s overall visibility and search ability, and that’s where our expertise in Augusta SEO comes in handy. We offer innovative website marketing solutions for both mid and large size organizations, whether you are a roofer, restaurant, or plumber, you need to invest in SEO Augusta GA to help you stay atop of the search engine rankings.

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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic marketing discipline that focuses on growing visibility in non-paid (organic) search engine results. It encompasses both creative and technical elements needed to improve website functionality, drive traffic, and increase awareness in the search engines

Additionally, it’s an astounding way to increase the quality of a website by making it user-friendly, easier and faster to navigate. Importantly, SEO is considered as a framework since the entire process works on many rules, guidelines, and sets of control.

Why Your Business Needs SEO in Augusta GA

SEO is a crucial part of online marketing, more than ever. In today’s competitive market, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing- just to mention a few- serves millions of users per day either looking for solutions to their challenges or getting answers to their queries.

Regardless of the business size or the industry, businesses in Augusta Ga need SEO for the smooth running of operations. SEO Augusta GA is essential because:

SEO Builds Credibility

In most companies, the marketing team is responsible for raising public brand awareness. Marketers have various tools that help convey their company’s message. Whether that be Facebook Ads to promote an event or Google Paid Ads that takes users to a beautiful landing page. But in the eyes of the user, a top-ranked position on search engines makes your business trustworthy and reliable. Even though paid ads rank higher on Google, many users skip paid ads as they know it’s driven by money not creditability. Achieving a high ranking in the search engines is the best way to place your business or industry in the front of people’s minds. And that’s what SEO Augusta GA can do for your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to boost your brand in the search engines. It makes your brand stronger and well recognized.

The Rise of Mobile Usage by Consumers

Forward-thinking designers and developers are no longer focused on building websites for desktop and converting that version for mobile. Instead, their focus is developing for mobile devices and adapting it for the desktop. Back then, mobile was an afterthought for most- if not every- businesses. Today, the rise of mobile phone usage and traffic that comes from mobile continues to rise every year.

Your potential clients need a website that is easily accessible and easy to navigate. As both mobile usage and phone commerce sales escalate, so does the importance of thinking mobile for SEO Augusta GA.

Delivers a High ROI

The digital marketing is awash with talk of “Content is King.” However, content cannot be king without producing ROI. If you incorporate SEO Augusta GA with smart and creative content marketing, it will drive leads, generate website traffic and boosts overall sales for your business in Augusta.

ROI is an essential metric, even more, crucial than conversions or sales. Search engine optimization gives you organic visibility and users who are interested will search for your products and services. This method of marketing is called Inbound Marketing where your users are looking for you, instead of you looking for your users. If you buy 500 visitors from a paid ad, 1% of those visitors may convert to sales as they are aware that position was driven by payment. However, if you invest in SEO and gain a position on the first page, you are more likely to convert users as they see your position as authentic and credible as well.  

SEO Statistics

Our Augusta SEO Process At Better Bistro Media

Augusta SEO Pie Chart

Comprehensive SEO Analysis of Your Web Site (Technical SEO)

For a website to stand, it requires a strong backbone. Technical SEO is the backbone of your website. Lack of it will make everything crumble. If your site isn’t functioning correctly, you will lose precious traffic. 

Essentially, technical SEO is laying a sturdy foundation to give your content a platform to rank for relevant phrases and keywords. It’s an aspect of SEO that entirely focuses on how well search engines can crawl your website and rank your content.  If your site loads slowly, a large chunk of your customers will quickly leave. That’s why we ensure your website is functioning on all levels for a successful SEO Augusta GA campaign.  

Web Design For SEO

Organic search performance and web design are inherently linked. It means that the website design has an observable effect to rank well on search engines. Websites created without SEO in mind can be problematic and cause ranking issues.

A compelling website design will generate better client traffic and boost conversion. So, do you have a reason not to update your site? One of the aspects of good web design is navigation. Sometimes web designers can get carried away by fancy typefaces and layouts. It’s therefore, essential to have over-simplified navigation to ease usage for a broader range of users. 

At Better Bistro Media, we work cohesively with clients across industries to develop and design websites that are artistically built with SEO Augusta GA practices in mind. Our qualified web developers can explicitly design custom WordPress themes that are SEO-optimized and created for conversions.

Site Organization

An effective website structure is an essential element of a site as it increases conversions, increase leads, and boost search rankings. Website navigation highlights your priorities and gives a guide to users through buying your products and services, and it also explains your brand. It has to be mobile-friendly as well.

With our team of experts, we check the site organizational structure, and if need be, we reorganize it too. This helps in improving user experience which will result in higher search rankings. Our work is to make sure the search engines can crawl properly and discover your content.

404 Errors and Broken Links

In today’s digital marketing environment, a broken link will hurt not only your SEO but also your conversions. When visitors follow links from or to your website, they expect to get the content once they get to the page. However, 404s are common on a site; new content is created, the internet is always changing, and the old content dies, and when that happens, it gives a 404-reaction code.

But because they’re “perfectly common” it doesn’t mean they are okay for your SEO. Multiple 404 Errors are an indication that your site content is outdated which signals to the search engines that your website is not well-maintained. This will adversely harm your SEO rankings.

Being SEO experts, we regularly fix broken links and help you to maintain your website. We provide intuitive SEO Augusta GA solutions.

Site Speed

How long will a visitor wait for your page to load? Google announced that speed is one of the parameters that would impact your site ranking. As a matter of fact, speed has a significant impact on your audience user experience. If your target consumer has to wait too long to land on your page, be sure to incur some loses. Furthermore, a slow page load gets penalized by the search engines like Bing, Google, among others.

Why risk losing revenue when we can offer you a result-oriented SEO Augusta GA website? At Better Bistro Media, we have incredible tools to provide a precise overview of your site speed performance. We also help you know the pages you should optimize. You can utilize Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool to check the speed of your site.

Google Page Speed Benchmarks

Mobile Optimized

You are probably reading this content from your mobile device. Why? Because mobile devices have taken the technology world by a storm, and we cannot stop it. All you can do is to adjust the sails.  We create a mobile-optimized website to increase average time on site and drastically boost user experience. Stay ahead of the curve and triumph over your competitors by letting us have a hand in creating a friendly site that is easily accessible via your mobile device. There are great Google tools you can use to check if your site is mobile-friendly such as the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Review and Optimize Sitemap

At a glance, a sitemap can be described as a list of pages purposely designed for web crawlers to help them find your website content easy and fast. Mostly, a sitemap isn’t essential for every website. But if you need one, we can create one for your business. We can implement a variety of sitemaps like RSS feeds. A sitemap is necessary if your website is extensive, or you require to index your new content quickly, or if you have a new website. 

On-Site Security

Are you confident that your website is secure, and your business won’t be breached in future? Hackers are looming all over, and you never know when they can strike. You may think your website is not at risk, but sites get compromised all the time. Hackers or security breaches do not aim at tampering with your website layout or stealing your data, but instead they use your servers to relay email spams. When your site gets hacked, it can harm your brand, impact traffic and kill the conversation. All these will affect the search engine rankings.

At Better Bistro Media, we first ensure your website is secured with SSL. Your site is your storefront. If it’s not secure, it will ruin business relationships. We, therefore, link your website to HTTPS to provide maximum security connection to users. The HTTPS uses the SSL certificate to ensure the data between your browser and web server remains secure and private. Google now penalizes sites and deems them as non-secure if they are non-HTTPS.

Implementation of Google Tools

Google provides incredible tools to help businesses manage and boost their search-ability. By using Google Search Console, you will be able to learn invaluable information about your website, like duplicate page titles, queries pulled up, if your site is mobile-optimized, or if you have any crawl errors. Google Search Console will crawl and index your page, making it show up quickly. More so, you can use your robot.txt file to instruct Google what not to index.

On the other hand, Google Analytics tracks data on how visitors on your website associate with it. It also monitors the performance of your keywords. You’ll know how much traffic every keyword brings to your site.

With our SEO Augusta GA optimized web designs, our developers ensure your site has these essentials tools which will boost the performance of your site and increase search engine rankings.

Competitor Analysis

Are you tired of seeing your competitor rank ahead of you on search engines? Then it’s the right time to investigate your competitors and invest in Augusta SEO. Surprisingly, your competitors can be the cornerstone of your business- know them! We help in investigating your competitors and identifying their weaknesses. We aim to get insight on the strategies that are working for your contenders in your market – in Augusta and its surrounding areas- to help you adapt and improve upon your SEO Augusta GA.

Keyword Research On Your Competitors

We conduct keyword research analysis to determine which keywords your contenders rank well for that your site does not. Then, we reverse-engineer why the competitors rank well, and we look how we can use those keywords to rank your website.

Studying competitors’ backlinks will help you quickly find quality Domain Authority websites with a history of linking to web pages that discuss your topic. If visitors are favorably linking to your competitors, it means they’ll also be happy to link to your website too. What we do, we research the backlinks of your competitors to find the links that will increase traffic on your site as well as boosting your ranking on search engines.

Keyword Research for SEO Augusta GA

Content Research

What is the competitor doing that you’re not doing? Good content will rank your website. We conduct comprehensive research on the competitor’s site such as the services page and the homepage to check the length and the quality of their content. Also, we will check to see how frequently they blog and what content they are blogging. “Content is King.” This phrase is quite common when it comes to SEO ranking.

Could your contenders have fresh and quality content? Most probably! If we do our research and realize what is working for them, we shall help you implement selling content. More so, clear images and graphs will also work well.

We do this by implementing keywords in your content, reworking metadata, titivating an existing piece of content, or adjusting website architecture.

Technical Research

Writing great content will be futile if your website is poorly designed. The world today is awash with rampant use of mobile devices. More so, visitors want a website that loads faster and is easy to navigate.

At Better Bistro Media, we research the technical analysis on the competitor’s website and try to understand their higher ranking. We examine if their website is SSL secured, mobile optimized, or easy to navigate. We use these tools to boost your business and help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Local SEO In Augusta GA

When it comes to digital marketing, Local SEO plays a vital role. Local SEO Augusta GA will promote your company’s’ visibility on location-based searches. It includes searches with specific geo qualifiers like zip code, city, state.  According to Google nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches include location.

More so, Local SEO can play a vital role in making your business pop up in Google’s local 3-pack. The local 3-pack is one of the most sought-after spots for search engine results. Therefore, it helps potential clients discover your business. It is imperative that you implement a Local SEO Augusta GA strategy.

Check Existing Listings for a NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Consistency

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. It’s a crucial element in local SEO and the consistency of your NAP determines your rankings on local searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you have inconsistent listings you are making it more difficult for search engines to determine the authenticity of your business therefore hurting your search engine ranking. We check your existing business listing for NAP citation consistency and if there is a change in your business, we track down every citation and change it for consistency and accuracy.

Adding Your Business To All The Relevant Local Listings and Directories To Increase Citations

Today, people are taking the time to search for services and businesses particularly on tablets and mobile devices. The more frequently your webpage appears online with identical and consistent information, the more superior your search results you’ll have from search engines. At Better Bistro Media we list your company in the top local directories and listings to boost not only your search engine rankings but your brand to allow you to convert targeted audiences.

Georgia SEO Adds You to Local Listings

Local Link Building

Link building can be time-consuming and overwhelming. It takes time and effort. But the effort is worth it. We have a team of SEO experts who will do local link building on your website to boost your brand reputation. By creating backlinks from local businesses and organizations in your area such as the Chamber of Commerce or local university, you are adding high authority relevancy links to your website that will boost your search engine rankings for local searches in your area. We will work unstintingly to find grand opportunities to build local links from local non-profit organizations and news outlets to create .gov, .edu, and .org authority links.

Optimizing Your Google My Business

GMB (Google My Business) is incredibly essential as it gives you a chance to list your company location on local search results and Google maps. More so, GMB helps you display vital information about your company, including a link to your website, email address, business phone number, or opening/closing times.

Setting up GMB listing is one of the most effective and simplest ways of setting up your industry to appear online. After setting it, ensure it gets optimized by filling crucial information. Make sure you include as much information as its needed. It gives users seamless moments in locating your business. If optimized to it’s fullest extent you may rank in the Google Local 3 Pack:

Local SEO in Augusta GA

On-Page SEO

The marketplace is a bit saturated and noisy. One of the foundations of a successful SEO Augusta GA strategy is On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing the content within your website so that it not only provides a good user experience but also helps search engines identifying key elements of your website. At Better Bistro Media we address key elements such as heading, title tags, internal link structure, and keyword placement to boost your search engine rankings.

URL Structure

URL is a human-readable text that was purposely created to replace IP addresses that desktops use to communicate with services. It consists of a domain, path, protocol, and name.

At Better Bistro Media we craft an accurate URL to give a precise idea of what your website is about. Although they’re a minor ranking factor in search engines, we design URLs that will give weight to the authority of the primary domain. Additionally, we add keywords to your URL structure as they can also be used as a ranking factor.


Your website should have several headings, to include the H1-H6 tags, so that search engines can easily identify the contents of your web pages. What you should consider most is to ensure that you don’t have more than one h1 on any of your web pages as that is the most important heading. We optimize the use of heading tags to help Google grasp the essential topics of a long content. 

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and Meta Descriptions allow the search engines and users to easily understand what a webpage or piece of content is all about and is what shows up on search engine result pages. Your title tag plays not only a role on search engine result pages but on web browsers and social networks as your title acts as a placeholder, so your users won’t lose sight of your content and your title tag is what is displayed when your content is shared on social networks such as Facebook. Your meta description should be informative, enticing, and intuitive. We make sure we optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to lure readers to open your web pages and read or buy your products.

Title Tag and Meta-description Optimization

Keyword Placement

The core of any SEO strategy is to utilize keywords to drive traffic, leads, conversions, and rankings to your website. We ensure that your targeted keywords are strategically placed throughout your site so that search engines can easily identify them especially in critical areas of your web pages such as your homepage. We include keywords in your URLs, images, headings, content, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Alt Text

In order for search engine bots to categorize the images on your website properly you must add alt text to each of your images. Alt text describes what an image is and should correlate with the content that is on that web page. Properly formatted alt text influence how the page is indexed as well as its rankings. At Better Bistro Media we implement your keywords in your alt text so that it can be read by relevant search engines.


Search engines want to provide its users with the best experience, that is why the content of your website should be your main priority when implementing a SEO Augusta GA strategy. The content should be of a decent length, original, and very informative. Content word count between 800 to 10000 words is a recommendable length. However, longer content such as 2,000 plus words tend to rank better. Here are the two types of content that we optimize for your SEO Augusta GA strategy at Better Bistro Media:

  • Static Pages – A static page is described as a web page that is presented to the target audience precisely as stored. These include About Us, Services, and Contact pages. We optimize the static pages for your SEO Augusta GA. We will make them extensive to give your targeted audience the best experience.
  • Blog – Writing amazing content should be an essential aspect of every SEO strategy. Do you want to make your blog and its content ranked well in Google? That’s why we are here for you. Our experienced writers will not only write phenomenal information but SEO-optimize your blog and its content so that it will attract traffic and increases leads.

Link Structure

Link structure is pivotal for user experience and site navigation. An organized link structure allows search engines to easily navigate from pages within your website or outside of it as well, without any difficulty. The two different types of links are:

  • External Links – External links are links that you link out from on your website to other websites. Our role is to ensure the external links are only directed to credible and reliable websites so that you build trust with the search engines.
  • Internal Links – These are links from one web page to a different page on the same site. We build your website with proper internal links to ensure that your site is easy to navigate.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO or “off-site SEO” translate to activities taken outside your site to impact your web rankings with SERPs (search engine results pages). Eventually, Off-Page SEO involves promotions beyond the website design.

Backlink Acquisition

Backlinks or inbound links are links created when one site links to another. They are vital since it displays trustworthiness and reliability from another website. We’ll create more backlinks for your website by:

  • Creating engaging content– Content is king. Writing intuitive and engaging content will give you the potential for attracting users, and other websites will want to link to your high-ranking site.
  • E-mail Out-reach to bloggers and influencers – If you want to reach out to bloggers and influencers, you need to create a killer pitch. Our team has worked with thousands of top-notch bloggers and influencers on a variety of projects. We have the right out-reach email that will create an instant relationship with your influencers so that your content is shared.
  • Guest Blog Posts in your niche industry – We will create impressive blogs with unique and impressive content. We will promote your blog in relevant and high ranked blog directories.

SEO-optimized social media

Social media gives you a unique chance to get in touch with clients and potential visitors. Being active on Facebook or Twitter will not only increase your local search visibility but we can SEO-optimize your social media by creating engaging and exciting promotions, conversations, content, and polls that will boost the affinity of your brand. More so, we’ll put your NAP on your social media sites as they also play a role in your local searches.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

A combination of enthralling content and a well-designed website will boost your ranking. That’s why it’s vital to choose an experienced and knowledgeable Augusta SEO Agency for the growth of your business. Once you hire an SEO agency, your digital reach will improve. More so, you will reach your desired results and increase your revenue. Below, we are going to discuss Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Black and White Hat SEO

Both the Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques aim at improving the website’s search ability and visibility, although they use different tactics. The benefit of using black hat method is easy, short-term, and quick success but Google and other search engine penalties will devastate you.

Why Choose Better Bistro Media as Your Augusta SEO Agency?

Entering the wild world of SEO can be daunting, devastating and intimidating. But with the right techniques and a trustworthy SEO agency, everything will be seamless and hassle-free. We are a premiere Georgia SEO Agency.  That’s why businesses in Augusta should choose us to handle their SEO Augusta GA. We don’t corrupt our quality or compromise our reliability. More so, we offer impeccable and affordable services, best to fit your financial muscles. Get in touch with us, and we will be glad to serve you! 

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